Sports organisations

Sport and physical activity organisations in Finland have over 1.1 million members. The Ministry of Education and Culture allocates government grants to national organisations that promote sport and physical activity while municipalities grant financial support for local sports clubs and actors.



Volunteer organisations and civic activity form the bedrock for sport and physical activity. Different forms of sport have been organised into sports clubs at the local level and into sports associations and federations at the national level.

Local activity is mainly organised by sport and physical activity clubs, which offer physical activities for children, youths, adults and senior citizens.

National and regional organisations support local activities by providing training and coaching and organising competitions. The Ministry engages in performance discussion with key service providers of sport and physical activity.

Government grants for sports organisations and clubs

The Ministry of Education and Culture helps finance national and regional organisations that promote sport and physical activity by awarding discretionary government grants. Approximately 130 such organisations receive aid each year.

The Ministry grants aid to organisations based on their operational performance. The quality, scope and social impact of the organisations and how they promote non-discrimination and gender equality are factors that are taken into account in the allocation of discretionary government grants.

Both the Act and the Decree on the Promotion of Sports and Physical Activity contain provision on the eligibility and requirements for government aid. The National Sport Council issues statements to the Ministry on operational grants for organisations and the eligibility of new applicants for government aid.

In addition to operational grants, the Ministry can also disburse development grants to projects carried out jointly by different sports organisations, for example.

Sports club development grants awarded by the Ministry directly to sports and physical activity clubs is intended for developing their operations.


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Hannu Tolonen, Senior Specialist 
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