EUROSTUDENT studies and analyses

The international EUROSTUDENT studies look at issues such as young people's access to higher education, the study conditions in higher education, students' use of time and their income. As part of the key project on developing higher education, the results of the study are to be used more efficiently in Finland.

The sixth EUROSTUDENT study was implemented in Finland in spring 2016 as an internet survey sent to the 24,000 students selected as a sample group. The collection of the data was the responsibility of Statistics Finland.

In addition to the statistical report of Statistics Finland, analyses carried out by higher education researchers on themes related to the topic within the material were published. These themes include:

  • Flexible study paths
  • Income, time use and progress in studies
  • Equality in education

The research articles form a picture of the Finnish higher education students’ backgrounds, experiences and societal status. The intelligence provided can be utilized for example in the development of student exchange, student selection and the recognition of previously acquired competences.

The collection of articles was published in the publication series of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Contact information

Kaisu Piiroinen, Opetusneuvos 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Korkeakoulu- ja tiedepolitiikan sekä lukiokoulutuksen osasto (KTLO), Korkeakoulupolitiikan vastuualue ( KOVA ) 0295330359