Reform of the matriculation examination

This page contains information on the current development plans and programmes concerning the matriculation examination.


The Matriculation Examination Board launched a project called the Digabi digitalisation project in 2013. The purpose of the project is to organise the examination in digital format (electronic form). The number of digital tests offered is increased each time the examination is held. The first digital exams were held in autumn 2016 in philosophy, geography and German. In spring 2019, information and communication technology will be utilised in the completion of the entire matriculation examination.

A working group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture submitted its proposal for better harnessing the matriculation examination in the student admissions process for higher education institutions. The proposal would increase the weight of the matriculation examination results in the higher education student admissions process and reduce the need for separate entrance examinations.  

Reform of general upper secondary education

Reform of general upper secondary education

Reform to increase the attraction of general upper secondary education. The reform includes both a reform of the Act on General Upper Secondary Education and a functional reform of general upper secondary studies.

Reform of general upper secondary education

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