Policies and development

Oppilaita koulussa. KUVA: Liisa Takala /OKMThe objective of general education is to guarantee that every child, pupil and student – irrespective of their ethnic origin, background or wealth – equal possibilities and rights to culture, education of high quality that is free of charge, and the prerequisites for full citizenship.

The services must be equally and equitably accessible to everyone. The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing education in line with the policies set out in the Government Programme.

General education in the Government Programme and key projects

The new learning environments and digital materials to comprehensive schools key project aims to reform the pedagogy of Finland's comprehensive school with new learning environments and digitalisation. Other measures in this project include expanding the Schools on the Move programme into a national programme and a trial for starting language studies at an earlier age.

The key project for facilitating access to arts and culture aims at making basic arts education and children's culture, which is currently very unevenly distributed, more evenly available for the different art fields in different parts of the country.

The key project for strengthening cooperation between higher education institutions and business and industry to commercialise innovations aims to dismantle the obstacles for exporting upper secondary school education

The key project for moving from a youth guarantee towards a community guarantee aims to prevent pupils from dropping out of school by supporting a flexible model for comprehensive school education.


Other development projects

Jäljempänä esitellään lyhyesti opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriön rahoittamia yleissivistävään koulutukseen liittyviä kehittämisohjelmia tai -hankkeita.

Development programme for the 2014-2019 period to improve children's and young people's mathematics and science skills

The programme's objective is to improve the knowledge and skills children and young people have in mathematics and the sciences and to increase the joy of insight and learning. The aim is also to develop a programme of measures of a high international standard that is based on scientific research and suitable for comprehensive school education. The programme will be established for use in all educational institutions of comprehensive school level.

The mathematics and science skills programme aims to find new innovative approaches to teaching methods, to work methods used in teaching and to the learning environment. The programme applies to pupils and students ranging from 6 years to 16 years as well as their teachers.

On the basis of competitive bidding, the nationwide LUMA Finland network,which incorporates nearly all universities in Finland and which is coordinated by Helsinki University, was chosen to execute the programme.

Opintokamu (Study buddy) Action Programme 2014-2018

The programme is intended for upper secondary level students, and aims to improve psychosocial wellbeing and life management skill as well as to reduce bullying. The aim is to create a programme for a whole educational institution so that the tools given to students and staff help reduce the social exclusion of students and the overloading of student welfare services. The programme also supports the implementation of the new Pupil and Student Welfare Act. The Opintokamu Action Plan is being developed at the University of Turku.

The project is headed by Elisa Poskiparta, Ph.D, Docent, Senior Research Fellow, and Professor Christina Salmivalli, PhD, from the University of Turku. Elisa Poskiparta is the Head of Service at the University of Turku's Centre for Learning Research.

New comprehensive education

New comprehensive education

The key project aims to renew comprehensive education, learning environments and teachers' competence. Digitalisation is to be promoted, Schools on the Move Project expanded and language education increased and diversified.

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Access to art and culture will be facilitated

Access to art and culture will be facilitated

This key project improves the accessibility of basic art education and children’s culture in the different parts of the country. In addition, the key project aims to improve the accessibility of art and culture, thereby promoting the beneficial effects art has on well-being.

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Youth guarantee towards community guarantee

Youth guarantee towards community guarantee

It is important that a young person can access all the necessary services through a single point of contact.

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Contact information

Jari Rajanen, Deputy Director General 
Ministry of Education and Culture 0295330268  

Aki Tornberg, opetusneuvos 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Korkeakoulu- ja tiedepolitiikan sekä lukiokoulutuksen osasto (KTLO), Lukiokoulutuksen ja opettajankoulutuksen vastuualue ( LUOVA ) 0295330316  

Tommi Karjalainen, opetusneuvos 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Varhaiskasvatuksen, perusopetuksen ja vapaan sivistystyön osasto ( VAPOS ), Strategic Steering Division 0295330140