Policies and development

Educational policy objectives are used to further develop student financial aid. The goal is to provide students with sufficient financial aid so that it promotes full-time studies based on the student’s plans and to help shorten the duration of studies.

Overall steering, management and development of student financial aid activities belong within the remit of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Changes in the student financial aid (2018):

  • There will be a number of changes in the student financial aid programme effective from the beginning of 2018. The limits on allowable annual income will be increased by 1% and the day of payment of student financial aid will change. As of the beginning of the year, study grant, housing supplement for students and school transport subsidy will be paid on the first day of the month or on the immediately following business day. It will become easier for students in higher education to be granted an extension of the maximum period for which financial aid is available as any uncompleted studies will no longer affect the granting of an extension.
  • University financial aid committees will cease operations, and applications for financial aid will no longer be reviewed at any Finnish university. Decisions on financial aid for higher education students will in future be centralised to Kela.
  • Parliament has adopted a law amendment under which a guardian of a child under 18 years of age will receive a provider supplement of EUR 75 per month. The number of children you have and who they live with does not affect your eligibility for the provider supplement. The provider supplement is granted automatically by Kela. The act enter into force on 1.1.2018.
  • Starting 1 August 2018, parental income will no longer affect the amount of study grant available to students at the upper secondary level aged 18 to 19, who live independently. These students are eligible for study grant at the basic rate, EUR 250.28 per month.





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