Youth work centres of expertise and National youth centres

Kimppajumppaa nurmikolla


Youth work centres of expertise

Youth work centres of expertise form a network supporting the implementation of the objectives set out in the National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme 2017-2019. The centres of expertise develop and promote competence, expertise and communications in the youth sector in accordance with the Youth Act.

An annual appropriation may be included in the Budget to be allocated for the activities of the national youth work centres of expertise. The Ministry of Education and Culture approves the eligibility of the centres of expertise for state aid (for more information, see Financing).


1. Participation of young people

Finnish Youth Co-operation Allianssi and a consortium administered by the Youth Academy

2. Social empowerment of young people

A consortium administered by the City of Espoo, a consortium administered by the National Workshop Association, Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention (EHYT), and a consortium administered by the Finnish Association for Mental Health

3. Digital youth work and information and counselling services for young people

City of Oulu, a consortium administered by Föreningen Luckan rf, and City of Helsinki

4. Improvement of the quality and methods of youth work

City of Lahti, Finnish Youth Research Society, and Guides and Scouts of Finland


Youth work centres of expertise in the different priority areas in 2018–2019 (pdf, available only in Finnish)


National youth centres

Youth centres provide curriculum-supporting camp and nature packages for school groups, social youth work services, and diverse international activities. In addition, various groups and youth organisations organise camp and course activities at the centres. Youth centres have also functioned as centres for methodological development of youth work, especially in the fields of outdoor adventure education and experiential learning and NUOTTA training. Majority of the activities organised at the centres last for more than one day, so the participants usually stay there overnight.
The national youth centres are owned by municipalities, youth organisations, organisations engaged in youth work and other societies.  The youth centres form a network specialised in youth work. The Ministry of Education and Culture subsidises the centres.
National youth centres in Finland

  1. Youth Centre Anjala, Kouvola
  2. Youth and Holiday Centre Hyvärilä, Nurmes
  3. Youth & Holiday Centre Vasatokka, Inari
  4. Youth Centre Metsäkartano, Rautavaara
  5. Youth Centre of Marttinen, Virrat
  6. Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre, Kuusamo
  7. Youth Centre Piispala, Kannonkoski
  8. Youth Centre Syöte, Pudasjärvi
  9. Youth Centre Villa Elba, Kokkola

Read more about the national youth centres on the website of the Finnish Youth Centres


Contact information

Emma Taipale, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Nuoriso- ja liikuntapolitiikan osasto (NUOLI), Division for Youth Work and Youth Policy 0295330172  

National youth centres:

Henni Axelin, Deputy Director General
Ministry of Education and Culture

tel. +358 2953 30205
[email protected]