Music in Finland

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the development of the music field, the preparation of related legislation and for the allocation of appropriations from the national Budget. Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Central Arts Council and the National Council for Music act as expert bodies that provide guidance in this work.


The ministry's objective is to promote the high quality of the music performances, accessibility to services, music-related leisure activities and the field's cultural policy work. Safeguarding accessibility to and the diversity of music are also of importance.

The majority of state funding for music is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture as central government transfers to orchestras.

The Act on the Financing of Education and Culture (1705/2009) and the Theatres and Orchestras Act (730/1992) lay down provisions on central government transfers. The central government transfers system is based on imputed person years and a unit price determined per person year. A total of 28 orchestras receive central government transfers. This network of orchestras covers the entire country.

  • Central government transfers for theatres and orchestras
  • Central government transfers reform

Independent professionals in the field of music that are outside the scope of the central government transfers system include registered professional groups (orchestras, bands, choirs), individual working groups and freelance musicians. Their activities are supported with discretionary operational subsidies and project grants awarded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland. The Finnish Music Foundation supports the tour and club activities of independent music professionals.

The Finnish National Opera is a national art institution, which is in a special position with regard to state funding. Funding for the Finnish National Opera is granted in the form of a discretionary government transfer by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Ministry of Education and Culture supports the field's cultural policy activities and music-related leisure activities by granting discretionary operational government transfers to national music organisations. Music institutes specialised in different genres of music and various instruments, as well as Music Finland, which is responsible for the field's international communications, also receive financing. 

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