Museum policy programmeWirkkalan taidelasia

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for culture policy and, as part of this, the implementation of museum and cultural heritage policy. The Ministry's goal is to promote the development of requirements for museum operations and expertise as well as facilitate the preservation of our cultural heritage and dissemination of information.

Finnish museum policy

The goals and measures for museum policy are prepared in the museum policy programme.

The programme is prepared by a working group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The working group proposal will be completed during the spring of 2017.

The museum policy programme specifies the goals and developmental initiatives of the museum sector as well as the measures to be taken in order to realise these by 2030.


Development of the museum sector

The National Board of Antiquities is responsible for the general development of the Finnish museum sector at the national level.

Each year, the National Board of Antiquities compiles museum statistics, which include statistical data on the finances, personnel and operations of professionally managed museums in Finland.  A national statistical survey on local museums and public collections is conducted once every five years.

The National Board of Antiquities and museums have developed a common assessment model for the development of museum operations. The Evaluation and development framework is intended for professionally managed museums and its use is free of charge.

National network for collection management co-operation and present day documentation between museums is co-ordinated by professional museums in the joint TAKO network.  

Tools and, for example, cataloguing guidelines for using and developing the electronic management of museum collections were created in the Museum 2015 project (2011–2015), which was led by the National Board of Antiquities.


Digital cultural heritage

Services and operating models developed in the National Digital Library project (NDL) promote the more effective management, usability and preservation of cultural heritage in digital format.

The digital materials and services of museums can be easily accessed through the Finna search service, which is part of the NDL project.

The project's Digital preservation service (PAS-palvelu) facilitates the long-term reliable digital preservation of cultural heritage. The Digital preservation service is being jointly developed with the organisations which will be using it.