Literature in Finland

Avoinna olevia kirjoja

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the preparation of legislation related to the promotion of literature and for the allocation of appropriations from the national Budget.

The objective of the Ministry of Education and Culture is to support the creative work carried out by authors and translators and to make Finnish literature better known in Finland and abroad.  Another objective is to maintain literacy and encourage people to read more. 

The majority of discretionary government transfers for literature are granted to authors and translators as grants and as indirect support for libraries. In line with the objectives of the Strategy for Cultural Policy 2025, the Ministry grants discretionary government transfers for literature-promoting activities and activities improving the availability and accessibility of literature. In addition, the Ministry supports the Finnish Literature Exchange (FILI), which is tasked with making Finnish literature better known abroad and promoting the translation of Finnish literature into other languages and literature in other languages into Finland's national languages.  The Ministry also supports national literature organisations.

Finnish Literature Exchange FILI

To promote the availability of literature with limited circulation, a subsidy is granted to public libraries for the procurement of such books. More information about the procurement subsidy as well as a list of books included in its scope is available on the Ministry’s web pages Kirjastojen rahoitus.

Grants intended for the promotion of literature, such as artist grants, children's culture grants and project grants, are awarded by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.  The so-called library grants and subsidies are awarded by the Board for Grants and Subsidies to Writers and Translators, which functions under the auspices of the Arts Promotion Centre.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

The Ministry of Education and Culture subsidises the publication and promotion of literature in easy-to-read Finnish with a separate appropriation. The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read (Selkokeskus), which is a part of the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, is responsible for awarding grants and subsidies for easy-to-read literature.

The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the National Council for Literature, and the Committee for Public Information act as expert bodies in the field.

A specific aim of the Programme of Antti Rinne's Government is to improve the availability of works with literary merit that have a limited circulation. In 2019, the appropriations budgeted for the promotion of literature amount to approximately EUR 4.9 million.



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