Barents scholarship of EUR 10,000 goes to Lapland Artists' Association

26.10.2021 14.40
The scholarship was handed to Savu Korteniemi and Panu Johansson, board members of Lapland Artists’ Association. They are curators at the 2021 Young Arctic Artists exhibition.
The Artists’ Association of Lapland was a scholarship recipient of the Barents Scholarship for Cultural Cooperation. The scholarship amounts to EUR 10,000. The Barents Scholarships for Cultural Cooperation were awarded on Tuesday 26 October in Tromsø, Norway. Four scholarships were awarded.

New safety recommendations during COVID-19 for early childhood education and care, educational institutions and higher education institutions highlight local measures

12.10.2021 11.53
The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare have issued new health security recommendations for early childhood education and care, schools, educational institutions and higher education institutions, taking into account the amendments to the Communicable Diseases Act and the transition to local and regional measures when lifting the restrictions. The recommendations have been updated to correspond to other recommendations and Government guidelines related to the coronavirus epidemic currently in effect. 

Responsible use of freetime contributes to more contact teaching in higher education institutions and a swift return to normal conditions

24.9.2021 14.15

The Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Finland would like to emphasize the importance of slowly getting back to a more open society and student life while following the recommendations from the national health authorities in Finland.

Action plan to manage the COVID-19 crisis aims to keep society open

9.9.2021 14.30
On Thursday 9 September, the Government issued a resolution on an update of the action plan implementing the hybrid strategy to manage the COVID-19 epidemic. The objective of the revised action plan is to reopen society and keep it open. 

Government roadmap compiles measures to increase education-based and work-based immigration

9.9.2021 16.03
Kuvassa maahanmuuttajataustaisia opiskelijoita.
Finland needs more work-based and education-based immigration to help companies find enough experts and to strengthen Finland’s vitality and public finances. The roadmap for education-based and work-based immigration is a long-term action plan to achieve the objectives set for immigration of specialists, entrepreneurs, researchers and students.

Nordic Nord StarT competition invites children and young people to join in the fight against climate change

2.9.2021 14.06
The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture is organising the Nordic Nord Start Climate Change Competition in autumn 2021. The competition is part of the programme of Finland’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021. Organised in cooperation with the LUMA Centre Finland’s StarT programme, the competition aims to gather children, young people and adults, from early childhood education and care to higher education, to brainstorm concrete means for the fight against climate change.

Finland to participate in preparation of proposal related to hand-made glass

23.6.2021 11.57
Knowledge, techniques and skills related to hand-made glass are being prepared to be submitted to the UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Besides Finland, the multinational application coordinated by France includes Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.
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International cooperation

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