Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institute network comprises 17 institutes that have the common objective to increase the recognition of Finnish culture, art and science in the target countries and promote cultural exchange and cooperation as well as field-specific research and teaching in the countries in question.

The institutes are non-governmental bodies and each institute is maintained by a foundation. Each institute's purpose and tasks are outlined in the responsible foundation's rules. The activities of academic institutes emphasize the promotion of science and research, but the institutes also organize cultural programmes. The Ministry of Education and Culture admits annual operating grants to the foundations that maintain the institutes. The ministry also holds information exchange negotiations with the foundations and institutes.

The Finnish Cultural Institutes are located in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Brussels, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, Oslo, New York and Budapest.

The Finnish Academic Institutes are located in Rome, Athens, Tokyo and the Middle East.

In addition to institutes that operate abroad, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, which promotes cultural interaction between Finland and Sweden, is situated in Hanasaari, Espoo.