The Ministry of Education and Culture’s new strategy emphasises education and culture, revitalisation and opportunities for a meaningful life

Ministry of Education and Culture 11.4.2019 12.46 | Published in English on 26.4.2019 at 10.47
Press release

The Ministry of Education and Culture seeks to employ its new strategy to build a stronger skills and knowledge base for all. It will take creative, inquiry-based and responsible action that renews society and creates equal opportunities for a meaningful life.

The strategy until 2030 is the outlook review of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s officials. It introduces the areas on which the Ministry, its agencies and branch of government should focus over several government terms.

“Championing education and culture with Knowledge, skills and feeling summarises what our sector of government does and also how we do things,” says Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture.

In this concise strategy, the Ministry’s vision is crystallised into a mission statement, and its value base into a promise to take action. The strategy describes three impact objectives and their priorities. The Ministry’s goals are to enable better skills, knowledge and competence for all, to take creative, inquiry-based and responsible action that renews society, and to ensure equal opportunities for a meaningful life.

Lehikoinen says the Ministry of Education and Culture must have a strong vision of how the Finnish society should be developed. 

“This strategy will empower the work we do at the Ministry and in the agencies. Our actions have a positive impact on these developments and prevent risks from materialising.”

To reach the goals, the Ministry seeks to act transparently and responsibly, and strives to build trust.

Responsibility for education, culture and skills – ability to renewwill safeguard wellbeing and sustainable growth

The key message of the strategy is that the Ministry of Culture and Education and its agencies will take responsibility for securing the foundations of culture and education in society. Early childhood education and care, education, science, art, culture, sports and youth work all play an intrinsic role in creating and fostering education and culture and help revitalise society.

“Culture is both seen in and shapes our society through skills and creativity, a sense of responsibility and an ability to assume responsibility. It encompasses looking beyond our borders, understanding diversity, caring for others and fostering wellbeing,” Lehikoinen notes. People who find meaning in life have more trust in society, leading to a wider, shared sense of confidence.

Through its actions, the Ministry strengthens the economy’s ability for renewal in order to enable wellbeing and sustainable growth. The Ministry seeks to improve the capacity and resources of research, development and innovation. The principles of sustainable development are observed in fostering economic growth, the development of work and the vitality of communities. A mix of tools should be provided for creating, producing and leveraging the arts and culture and to protect the diverse cultural heritage.

The Ministry seeks to enable better skills, knowledge and competence for all. This refers to priorities such as equal rights to cultural engagement, high standards of early childhood education and care, higher level of competence and education for the whole population, and continuous learning for everyone. Creative skills and creative industries strengthen the economic structure.

The strategy embraces the idea of a meaningful life and creating opportunities for it, which the Ministry has also highlighted in its future review.

“While the feeling and the experience of meaning may manifest in many ways, our task is to create the opportunities for people to have a meaningful life. It is our promise that covers all content and services our sector produces, along with accessibility and equal allocation. We will reinforce gender equality, non-discrimination and mutual respect.”

Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary, tel. +358 295 330 182