Arts and culture festivals in Finland

Flow-festivaalit. KUVA: UM The Ministry of Education and Culture provides state subsidies for national arts and culture festivals. The festival policy action programme identifies the development needs associated with these subsidies.

Arts and culture festivals as regular events have a key role to play in cultural policy, as they provide more opportunities for experiencing, taking part in and creating art and culture.

Events are put on for the different art forms. The majority are musical events.
The Ministry of Education and Culture supports arts and culture festivals by awarding discretionary state subsidies to established national festivals of this kind. In addition, such activities can be supported as part of the promotion of different art forms; for example, art and cultural events for children may receive grants under the government policy on culture for children.The Finnish Film Foundation supports national film festivals. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture promotes cooperation between festivals through sponsorship of national organisations.

Action programme to develop festival policy

The action programme entitled 'Arts and cultural festivals – a cultural resource growing in strength', by the Ministry of Education and Culture and to run from 2017 to 2025, highlights the main development needs associated with festival policy. Under the programme, the Ministry will aim to reform the government transfer system connected with art and culture festivals.   

Information on art and culture festivals and their impact may also be found in reports by Cupore, the Centre for Cultural Policy Research.


Contact information

Anne Mattero, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Kulttuuri- ja taidepolitiikan osasto (KUPO), Taiteen ja kulttuuriperinnön vastuualue (TAKU) 0295330313