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Aikuisopiskelijoita kirjoittamassa pöydän ääressä. Kuva: Juha Tuomi / The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the strategic and normative steering of VET and leads national development. The Government Programme and other strategies provide the overall policy framework for this work.

The national objectives of VET, the structure of the vocational qualifications and the core/common units included in them are determined by Parliament or the Government. Vocational qualifications and their scope are determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


The National Agency for Education designs and makes decisions on the national qualification requirements, which describe the vocational skills requirements of qualifications and units and the methods and criteria to assess learning outcomes.

Vocational institutes providing upper secondary and further vocational education and training form the framework of the VET providers’ network. The authorisations to provide VET are granted by the Ministry. A VET provider may be a local authority (municipality), a municipal training consortium, a foundation or other registered association, or a state company.

Vocational education and training providers are responsible for organising training in their areas, for matching provision with local labour market needs, and for devising curricula based on the national qualification requirements. They also decide independently on the level and type of staffing and the type and number of institutions or units they run.

There are around 160 VET providers in Finland (in the beginning of the year 2019).

VET is funded through the Ministry of Education and Culture’s budget. The central and local government provide parts of the funding for vocational upper secondary qualifications while further and specialist vocational qualifications are funded by the central government.



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