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Working group: Finland a world leader in science education by 2020

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö
9.6.2014 12.33
News item

A working group set up by the Finnish Ministry of Education, Science and Culture has come up with a number of development proposals for methods with which to promote science education in Finland and spark childrens and young peoples interest in science and research both in and outside schools.

Science education, the working group says, should be taken better into account as a part of the social impact of higher education institutions and research institutes.

The working group proposes a curriculum reform so that the main emphasis would be on communal and cognitive skills, and on including exploratory learning in all curricula and qualification criteria. In addition, ICT should be made use of more systematically. Science and research should also be better incorporated in practical training periods.

The working group defined the common intent for science education in Finland for the year 2020 as follows: Finland is a world leading country in science education in 2020. Science education is a natural part of all children’s and young people’s learning both in schools and outside school, substantially contributing to the creative problem solving skills, the ability to understand and follow the development of science and support the Finnish competence-based growth.

The Project on Science Education, brief in English