Cooperation between higher education institutions and business life will be strengthened to bring innovations to the market

The goal is to use the resources of science and research in a more efficient and effective way and to promote the growth of Finnish education exports. Enhancing research aims to contribute to new growth to Finland.

The division of work and cooperation between higher education institutions and research institutions will be made clearer. Higher education institutions will clarify their profiles, focusing on the top of international research potential. The profiling and work division of higher education institutions, as well as the impact and commercialisation of research, will be made more effective. The portion of competitive funding will be increased in the financing of higher education institutions.

Education export

There is also demand for Finnish education abroad. In order to meet this demand, the opportunities of educational export are promoted in all levels of education. From 1 August 2017, tuition fees for higher education will be introduced for students arriving from outside the European Union and EEA. Students arriving from outside the EU or EEA who are at a financial disadvantage will be supported through a separate scholarship system.