Finnish Country Note on Transitions in ECEC

In 2015–2016, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture participated in an OECD project on transitions from early childhood education and care together with eight other countries (the OECD Review of policies and Practices for Transitions from Early Childhood and Care to Primary Education). The objective of this project was to examine the policies and practices of different countries for achieving high-quality transitions from early childhood education and care. For this purpose, the participating countries undertook to produce country notes on transitions by responding to themes and questions formulated by the OECD. Finland’s country notes describe policy measures and the planning, organisation, steering and objectives of transitions as they were in spring 2016. The country review also describes the transitions from the perspective of professional, pedagogical and developmental continuity. It further provides a summary of the challenges associated with the transitions and the strategies deployed to overcome these challenges. The country report also brings up Finnish research and researchers focusing on transitions from recent years. Participation in the project and the production of the country review has widened the frame of reference for transitions from early childhood education and care to pre-primary education and further to school. Participation in the project produced a more comprehensive picture of Finland’s national situation regarding transitions. Finnish research in transitions was also collated during the project, raising awareness of it and making it accessible at the national and international level. The OECD will publish its report titled Starting Strong V Transitions, which will be based on the participants’ country notes, in summer 2017