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SADe programme – the Learners’ Online Services, final report

tiivistelmä / sammandrag / summary
  • Title
  • SADe programme – the Learners’ Online Services, final report 
  • Authors
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  • Series of publications
  • Publications of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland 2016:25 
  • Published
  • 2016 
  • Number of pages
  • 178 
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  • 978-952-263-414-6 (PDF) 
  • ISSN
  • 1799-0351 (Online) 
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  • Finnish 
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  • Publisher
  • Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland 
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The purpose of the Action Programme on eServices and eDemocracy (SADe programme) has been to provide interoperable, high-quality public sector services via digital channels. These services will improve cost-efficiency, create savings, and generate benefits to citizens, businesses, organisations and local and government authorities. Special attention has been paid to the achievement of cost benefits to municipalities. The programme has involved the development of electronic services in seven projects. One of these projects is the Learner’s Online Services portal that has been co-ordinated by the Ministry of Education.

The aim of the Learners’ Online Services portal is to support studying and career planning via one online service that has been built between 2011 and 2015. Its services are intended for applicants, students, educational institutions and other education providers, companies and other business organisations as well as public administration and civic society. These services enable users to create and pursue individual learning paths, and they also promote lifelong learning by offering information on different educations and online applications. The service has replaced previous outdated and somewhat overlapping services and it also includes completely new services.

The Learners’ Online Services is called ( in Finnish, in Swedish). The service includes information about e.g. education on offer, degrees, job opportunities. The service also includes online applications to different educational levels.

The service is an entity that has been designed in accordance with the principles of Service Oriented Architecture and it utilizes open source codes. The quality of the service is measured regularly by using different measurements that include number of users, number of customer service contacts, feedback and the counting of cost-effectiveness.

Further development of the service depends on the key government projects on education, most notably on the reform on vocational education. In the view of the reform has to provide more flexible and personalized study paths than it does at the moment. The Finnish National Board of Education will make a development plan that includes the demands made by the key government projects.

The Register of Verified Competence will include all educational transcripts included in the Finnish educational system. The centralized information will be available for both individuals and the relevant public sector officials (KELA, TEM) and employers.

Application and selection to higher education (KSHJ) has been included in the service with separate funding and the project has been organized separately (dnro OKM/116/040/2010). Therefore KSHJ –project has not been a part of the SADe project organization.

The National Audit office of Finland has stated in their report (235/54/2014) that the Learners’ Online Service is a cost-effective and customer-oriented service entity. The service has had over 4.4 M users in 2015.
Etusivu Julkaisut SADe-ohjelman Oppijan palvelukokonaisuus. Loppuraportti